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The Omori Kuratau Ratepayers Association held their second meeting for 2020 at the Community Hall at 2.30 on Tuesday 3 March. Click on the link above to download the minutes of the meeting.

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Omori Kuratau Pest Management Update

Omori/Kuratau Pest Management Report: 11 March 2020 Tallies for February 2020 Our 3000th Rat Gray's faithful rat dog Pieter and what was left of his rat! It's Been a Busy Christmas and Start to 2020 It all started in December 2019 with a record number of rats taken out. Normally we take out about 30 -35 rats in December but in December 2019 we took out 54 rats. Normally the bulk of these rats would be taken out on the Kuratau River line and other Kuratau-based lines but 18 rats were taken out on the Omori Jetty to Omori Stream line by Gray Thompson. And then he repeated this feat by taking out 14 rats again in January 2020 – by far the record 2 monthly total for any one line in the last 10 years. Our 3000th Rat Another milestone was achieved in January – we took out our 3000th rat since we started trapping about 10.5 years ago. Again it was Gray Thompson and Pieter Braun who were both credited with this achievement as it happened in the same hour on the same day! It’s a little unnerving imagining 3000 rats all marching down the reserve together. That’s a lot of birds saved. Our Thanks to you All Our sincere thanks to all for your sightings of weasels, stoats and ferrets over the new year and January/February. Although difficult to catch, because of your ‘keen’ eyes, we took out over 27 of these mustelids from December to the end of February this year – another record catch. Of interest, 13 of these were ferrets – the largest of the mustelid group and which we now seem to be catching most of. Another vote of thanks goes to you all for ‘not bringing your cats down’ over the holidays. In January and February 2020, we have only taken out 1 feral cat. This compares most favourably with the 19 feral cats taken out during this period in 2019. A sobering statistic from Forest & Bird is that domestic cats kill over 1,000,000 birds per year and we have over 1.5 million domestic cats. Add the conservatively estimated 2.5 million feral and stray cats to this total and the danger to birds is catastrophic. And this does not even count the killing of native bats, lizards, weta and other native insects. But let’s end on a happy note. Our team of 14 trappers are absolutely ‘knocked out’ by the wonderful encouragement and comments from locals and visitors about our programme and the results it is achieving. It really keeps us motivated! TOTALS FOR FEBRUARY 2020 Rats = 38 (26 last year) Mice = 4 Weasels,Stoats, Ferrets (December/January/February) = 27 (19 last year) Hedgehogs = 11 Kind regards and keep enjoying our birds. Russell Shaw, OKPMG Co-ordinator (07) 386 6667, 180 Omori Road