President's Report

Hi there, and welcome to our first wholly digital newsletter! We know that our email list is good but incomplete so if you know of any owners who did not get this please advise us of their email addresses! As I write this, it is 27 deg, no wind on the lake and I am commuting between Kuratau and Hamilton where Cathie is recovering from a serious injury but progressing well. The meeting of the OKRA committee in January progressed the initiatives discussed at the AGM early in January. High on the list of actions we are planning to take this year is planning for a more peaceful New Year's Eve. The committee has attended a meeting in Turangi with the police and had a subsequent meeting with them to discuss a four-pronged approach: increased police presence, much better signage from TDC, the possibility of hiring complementary private security people to work with the police and the feasibility of additional security cameras. We have registered our interest in the D2/D3 development with TDC and received an acknowledgement from them. I hope that you will have noticed both the road speed display opposite the Omori ramp and the sets of traffic measurement equipment that were deployed over Christmas. The measurement equipment is scheduled to return in a month or two and we will then have some real data to use in discussions with TDC on speed restrictions in the whole area. We are planning submissions to council regarding a renewal of and upgrade to the playground at the end of Parehopu Street and also the parking situation at the playground in Omori Road. The Rabbit sub-committee met separately and are commissioning a review of the rabbit population and a resultant management plan which we expect to discuss with both the Waikato Regional Council and the Taupo District Council. So we will be pretty busy with these activities and also with keeping track of TDC projects on erosion control and water supply maintenance and a planned upgrade to the pumping station. The Charitable Trust is busy organising the monthly pot luck dinners at the Community Centre and of course, the Easter Market. Turangi Foodbank was so grateful to the people of Omori Kuratau for the successful collection over the summer with over $1300 in cash donations and lots of food to fill their shelves. However there has been a call on their resources over the past few months, so if you are able to help them, there will be a jar for cash donations at the Omori Store and a bin for non-perishable food donations at Floating Rock cafe (thank you Louisa and Sarah for your continued support). Lets hope that the great weather continues and you all get a chance to enjoy it! Pieter Braun President of OKRA Association Omori Kuratau Charitable Trust Report

Greetings from Omori Kuratau Community Trust.

We had a very successful summer programme this season starting with the Xmas Carols

which had approx. 80 people in attendance, followed by a Colour Fun Run which bought

approx. 230 people to the Omori Domain for an afternoon of colour and water fun.  This

was followed by the Fishing Competition which, despite the rather unsettled weather during

that weekend, was a great success with so many new faces in attendance.


The Yoga sessions held over the summer break were very well received with standing room

only at several sessions. Our thanks to the tutors who gave their time so that we could all

continue to keep our exercise up!


Many thanks to the local and Turangi communities, including businesses, for the support and generosity they have shown to the Trust events so that can continue to provide and sustain this excellent community venue. The Omori Kuratau Trust would also like to thank Stuart Humphrey for his contribution to the Trust over the last few years taking on both Chairman and Treasurer positions. We wish him a speedy recovery and look forward to catching up with him soon.


The Hall continues to be used regularly by the local community with Majong, Indoor Bowls, Craft and Coffee, Yoga and Rock'n'Roll. Our thanks to all those that support these events - feel free to come along and join in - even if you are only here for the day or weekend. The Library at the Hall is also popular, so make sure to check it out if you need a something to read.


Our next event (Covid permitting) will be our Easter Market on Saturday 3rd April and we look forward to seeing you all there. If you are keen to help please don't hesitate to contact us.  Any donations towards the Easter Raffle please feel free to drop to the Omori Store. Look out for a wonderful Easter Cake that will be raffled at this event - thanks to Louisa Pescini for her kind donation.


Further details on any and all events can be found on our Facebook page - www.facebook.com/omorikuratau

Thanks must be extended to Trust Committee members and Trust Friends for the support that they give to all events that are run by the Trust committee.


Raewyn Beattie OKCT Chairman


Kuratau Omori Preservation Society Report



The KOPS AGM was held on the 4th January in the Community Hall and 30 people attended. The following were appointed to the new committee: Don Mathieson Chairman; Dave Huxley-Jones Secretary/Treasurer. 
Committee Members:Bryan Watts, Richard Marchant, Brian Eastham and Craig McGregor.


Proposed D2 and D3 subdivision for 81 sections next to the Whiowhio Reserve.

Visit the Preservation Society page on this website for a PDF file that shows the subdivision – please have a look at this and the impact it will have on Kuratau.


TDC have decided to public notify the application once the $10,000 fee is paid by the Applicant. In November, TDC stated the public notification was placed on hold and the Applicant has to decide if they wish to amend the application so TDC may make a different decision.


In January, we wrote to TDC asking what further action, if any, the Applicant has taken and we asked what time requirement had been placed on the Applicant within which it must advise its intention about proceeding or not.  We asked if it is legal for the Applicant, faced with a decision to publicly notify, to sit back and do nothing, possibly indefinitely. TDC replied “that the Resource Management Act was amended last year to enable Councils to return an application" (essentially cancelling it) if there had been an extended period of inaction. However, this application was lodged before those provisions came into effect and therefore there is no current legal means it seems to cancel the application. Our position is therefore to not proceed to any further steps until payment is received as that is provided for in the Act.


TDC agrees “this is not ideal" and we hope the Applicant will either pay for the next steps of the process or withdraw from the process until they are in a position to continue. Until such time as payment is received, nothing further is going to happen”.

If the applicant changes the proposal (and with payment) it can be reconsidered at that time but until then you do have some certainty that nothing is happening.


If pubic notification occurs, KOPS has had some discussion with a Planner to represent KOPS if a public notified hearing proceeds. KOPS believes that besides Planting, wider topics on the impact on Kuratau will be considerable if the development of 81 sections proceeds. Some of these impacts such as roading, traffic, boat ramp capacity, reduced bird life, impact on reserves etc. should be raised. We have updated OKRA on the current situation.


We hope you will consider joining KOPS - the annual subscription is $10.

Please email Dave Huxley-Jones Email: thehjs@xtra.co.nz 



There will be a community planting on Easter Sunday, 4 April from 10am.

TDC have selected an area at south end of the Omori recreation reserve next to

the depot and community hall. They will prepare the planned area and have ordered

1500 plants. We'll advertise with the usual signs and Facebook post but if you can

attend it would be great and a membership form will be sent.


Omori/Western Lake Taupo St John First Response Report


We Have Been Busy

Again it has been busy for our First Response Group with a steady flow of calls for

help, locally, in Turangi and the Western side of the lake.


Repercussions for Life – Wear Your Helmets

If you are coming up for Easter and bringing your bikes – please bring and wear your

helmets. Always remember that head injuries often have repercussions for life!


We Keep Banging On About the Following for Good Reason!

If you own a property in the area and rent it out, you should post the address inside the dwelling in an easy-to-find place as many people who will rent your home will not remember the address in an emergency.


Please Clearly Number Your Property – It's Essential

We still attend calls at homes/properties which are not numbered. This delays the help you will get and sometimes seconds really count. Please if you haven't already numbered your property please do so and ensure that it is clearly visible from the road!! Please check that your number is clearly visible by going out at night with a torch and stand across the road to check that it is clearly visible in the light of your torch for all emergency services you may need. If not, please make the necessary adjustments to your number and/or its placement. If you have a spare person on the scene, please send them to the roadside to attract the attention of the emergency vehicle.


Join the St John Supporters Scheme

If you aren't a member of St John, the supporters scheme is cheap insurance should you or a family member require and ambulance at any time.


Don't Call Us Directly

Please, if you have a medical emergency, do not call us directly – dial 111 and we will respond immediately if appropriate. If you call us personally and you need an ambulance, the response may be delayed.


Safe travels and we wish you all a happy, restful and safe Easter.


Will Shirer 0274 424 247 and Fraser Lake 027 343 4330
Omori/Western Lake Taupo First Response Group


Omori/Kuratau Pest Management Group Report


It's All About Numbers

In our last Easter Newsletter (2020) we reported that we had taken out a record number of

mustelids (weasels, stoats and ferrets) - 27 in total from the end of December 1919 to

February 2020. This was in no small measure the result of many locals and visitors reporting

sightings. But from the end of December 2020 to the end of February 2021 we have nearly

doubled our mustelid catch to a total of 52. Again our sincere thanks to you all for your many

sightings which allows us to immediately place a trap where they have been seen - hence

the amazing result. As a matter of further interest the number of rats we caught in the same period increased from 453 to 511. An increased number of traps and two new traplines will have contributed to this total.


But it's now the Possums

As you are aware, the Animal Health Board declared all the farms in our area TB free in January 2020 and dispensed with the services of their contractor EPRO who followed our traplines closely with pindone poison. This, along with our A12 Goodnature  possum traps meant we averaged about 5-8 possums per year for the previous 5 years. However, since March 2020 to the end of February 2021, we have taken out 85 possums, an approximate average of about 7 possums per month.To compound the problem we have not taken out a possum in almost a year in our A12 Goodnature traps (probably a lure composition change). All possums have been taken out in plastic Timms traps baited with slices of apple.  Hopefully we are getting on top of this problem with only 1 possum caught to date by mid-March this year. Another unfortunate statistic is we took out 8 feral cats in February 2021 compared to the single feral cat taken out in February 2020.


But it's not all gloom as the bird life is still prolific and the native bush is really thriving and our sincere thanks to you all for your wonderful support and predator sightings.


Kind regards and keep enjoying the birds.

Russell Shaw, OKPMG Co-ordinator, Ph: (07) 386 6667, 180 Omori Road


Southern Lakes Fire Brigade Report


Supporting Our Wider Community

Your local Southern Lakes Fire Brigade is always on call to support our wider community. In

addition we also support Turangi when called and attend motor vehicle accidents on both

State Highways 41 & 32.


Our Siren

We have a siren for alerting our volunteers. This is in addition to our electronic alert system so if any volunteers are working in a noisy environment, they will hear the call-out. The siren will only be activated during daylight hours from 7am – 9pm.


Fire Bans

No fires are to be lit in any of the reserves or anywhere along the lake shore.

For more updates on fires restrictions visit: https://www.checkitsalright.nz You may need a permit to light a fires which can be obtained at: https://www.fireandemergency.nz


Smoke Alarms

Please check your home smoke alarms and renew their batteries regularly.


New Members & Easy to Read House Numbers

We welcome anyone who believes that they would be able to undertake training to join with us as a well-funded and resourced Fire Brigade based here in Omori Kuratau. In the event of a fire or emergency, always dial 111. Finally please check that your house number is clearly visible and easy to read from the road. If we can't find you, we can't help you.


As is always the case, we welcome anyone who can help us at a number of levels. If this is you, please give us a call on:

027 445 4871


Be safe

Ian Hunt, Crew Leader, Southern Lakes Fire Brigade, 027 445 4871







Omori Kuratau Ratepayers Association Newsletter – Easter 2021