Chairman's Report – Easter 2023
Greetings to you all You may recall that at our January 2023 AGM there was a great deal of interest in and anger at the state of the erosion on our beaches. A lot of attendees put this down to a perfect storm of very high lake levels, in fact at or above the maximum allowed, and very strong North Easterly winds which threw up large waves on the beaches. As a result of that meeting, we appointed a sub- committee, Kuratau Erosion Committee (KER) to focus on the issue and coordinate both immediate remedial work to save our beaches and reserves and also on the highlake levels with TDC and the other parties such as Mercury Energy, Waikato Regional Council and the Tuwharetoa Maori Trust Board. The Chair of that Committee, Angela Salmon, submitted a report on activities so far to the OKRA committee and I quote some abbreviated, notable points from that for your information: 1 Erosion Mitigating work on erosion in the Parehopu Street Area with continuation of the rock revetment south from Parehopu Street by the playground commenced 7 Feb. This was urgent, remedial work done by TDC under the existing consent for the rock revetment at the carpark. It is worth noting, as per the sign erected by the works, and in writing by TDC, that the rocks are ‘temporary repairs’ and will ‘be removed from the lake once conditions stabilise to a point where a more permanent repair can be completed.’ TDC is also particularly concerned with the river mouth area and intend to do some remedial work on the living wall, however we are waiting on an update for this and other areas. 2 Lake Level We have continually been in contact with TDC to have an update on progress and to provide info and the relationship seems very positive.TDC is well aware there is a serious problem with erosion which needs addressing in the short-term and we will also be working with them on long-term solutions (for all Omori-Kuratau areas). We expect some feedback from TDC for ‘all of Taupo’ erosion and lake level issues over the next week or two. KEC hope to put out an update once we have some more detail over the next few weeks or so. The OKRA community can be assured that the OKRA Erosion Sub-Committee is actively on to the erosion issues and we are working closely with TDC on solutions. Can we ask that any enquiries/info be sent to OKRA/KEC, or, if they go direct to TDC, that it is useful. Also send a copy to us as we will follow it up as part of our discussions. Councillor Sandra Greenslade has been very helpful in arranging site visits to the erosion areas by the Mayor, David Trewavas, and our local MP, Louise Upston. Our vulnerability to civil emergency has been highlighted over the last few months by the slips on Omori Road, the break in our water main which disrupted service for many hours and our loss of power during and after Cyclone Gabriele for extended periods. We are investigating how to help mitigate these situations in future by providing emergency power and services at our community hall which is part of the local CD network but is vulnerable to power disruption.Our most recent information from TDC is that repairs to the Omori Road slip could take several months to complete. Preliminary geo-technic investigations on the site of the water treatment plant extensions have taken place and we expect to see this work continue over the next few months. There is nothing new to report on the proposed speed changes on Te Puke Road. …and we have recently made a submission on the Parks and Reserves Review that TDC have initiated. Because of the number of projects we are now dealing with, your committee decided to increase the number of committee meetings this year and we have organised coordination with the Tongariro Representative Group’s meetings, bi-annual meetings with the Mayor and participation by the TDC Southern Lake Taupo Engagement Manager, Marama Isherwood, at our regular meetings. The first of the meetings with the Mayor was held on March 16th at the Community Centre and we anticipate that the next will be a public “meet and greet” meeting later in the year. There is a lot going on and I haven’t reported on progress from our rabbit management programme or our review of the availability of defibrillators in the area! We will keep you informed as new information comes to hand on any of these issues through our website and/or direct emails from time to time. And lastly but very importantly, have a good time here over Easter with our traditional Market Day on Easter Saturday! Peter Britnell Chairman, OKRA Wow a full year of events since we last had an Easter newsletter! We would like to acknowledge the passing in February of Brian Wills. Brian commenced as secretary from the formation of the Hall Trust through to the completion, serving in this position for well over 10 years. The Wills family and the district can be very proud of the tireless work Brian carried out during this time. We pass on our condolences to the family. It was great to be able to host Carols again this year and we thank all those that came and enjoyed the sing-along. We had a fantastic Fishing competition 1st and 2nd Jan – many thanks to Turangi Marine, AME Electrical and Building Central for the support. A big thank you to Tu Wharetoa, Taupo District Council and our local DOC personal for their support for the event. It was due to the fantastic support by local business that we were able to provide spot prizes in every bag this year. Although the size and number of fish this year was not as good as previous years there were plenty of “fishy” tales being told. Many thanks to all those who fished for us. It was so fantastic to be able to once again be able to hold our Colour Fun Run! The sun shone and the smiles shone brighter. With ages from 2 – 65 joining in and approximately 250 people complete the course (not only once but I hear five times was the record), we thank you all for your support. We also thank the sponsors that supported us this year! Yoga continued during the summer and our thanks to Rusty and Kate for their continued support for the Hall. Thanks to those of you that attended classes – these funds have gone towards the purchasing of the security cameras. Our dedicated Mah Jong and Craft community have been back in action over the summer which is great to see. We look forward to bowls and table tennis starting up after Easter – watch our Facebook page for details. We have been fortunate to host a 30th birthday, family luncheon, farewells, Pihanga Health information days, Chorus information sessions, D2 Pukawa meeting and had tables and chairs hired for events which has certainly helped towards the running costs of the hall. Many thanks to those involved. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you need tables, chairs or even the Hall.
 The Easter Market will be back and running again in full on Saturday 8th April – if you or anyone you know would like to have a stall (big or small) please don’t hesitate to contact us – omorikuratau@gmail.com. Hot Cross Buns, Donuts, Fresh Bread, bake sale table and BBQ will all be up and running as well as our supportive stall holders with their range of wares. If you are able to help in any manner – donations, baking, helping set up or even helping on the bake table – please contact us. Stay safe and enjoy our lovely region with all that it has to offer. Raewyn Beattie Chairperson, Omori Kuratau Charitable Trust. Street Numbers A huge thank you to those of you who have put a visible street number on their property - if we can't find you we can't help you! Come on the rest of you! Can you see your street number? Thank you Pukawa Property Owners Association First Response is most grateful to PPOA for their generous donation of $1000. Santa Prezzies
Santa was back on his rounds on Christmas Day and we are grateful to you for your kind donations to First Response, we collected $1,161.40 If you would like to donate to First Response and were not here on Christmas Day … Our bank account number is: 02 0560 0153240 00 As donations over $5 are tax deductible, please could you email our treasurer Robbie Naysmith at: robbie@taupotrout.co.nz if you would like a receipt for your donation. CPR Training What to do when someone has a heart attack St John and First Response will be running CPR (Three Steps for Life) training for everyone at the Hall on: Tuesday 11 April from 2.30pm (approx 2 hrs) Wednesday 19 April from 2.30pm Please register your interest by emailing sspub@reap.org.nz with CPR in the subject line. Feel free just to rock up. Don't Call Us Directly 
Please, if you have a medical emergency, do not call us directly, dial 111 and we will respond if appropriate. If you call us personally and you need an ambulance, the response may be delayed. We look forward to hearing from you. Fraser & Kathy Lake, Omori/Western Lake Taupo St John – First Responders
 We have been in contact with TDC again, and no further progress on the ecology assessment relating to this application has been made. TDC assures us we will be notified of any updates. KOPS AGM We held the KOPS 15th AGM on Wednesday 5th January at the Kuratau Hall and discussed what action the Society should take. As you are all aware, there is little progress over the last 3 years and it is very frustrating to say the least. The outcome was to continue as we are and possibly take some legal advice on what our options are. Don Mathieson has been our Chairman for the last 4 years and has stood down from this position. His legal background has been of great help and we expressed our thanks to Don. Our new Chairman is Richard Marchant who has been involved with KOPS since its inception, some 15 years ago, so has a lot of historical knowledge. The Committee remains the same. KOPS Subs Each year we set the subs for the forthcoming year and they are to remain at $10 per person. We appreciate that why should you join as no progress has been made. We are endeavouring to retain the bush that the development of 80 sections it will remove. When TDC makes a decision, we will initiate a response. The more members we have strengthens our case. I would encourage you to join by paying the KOPS sub of $10.00 per person into Account 06-0471-0733091-00. Please insert surname and initials of primary contact person as reference to identify your payment. Also, email me with your contact details – name, address phone number etc to thehjs@xtra.co.nz. Dave Huxley-Jones KOPS Secretary Welcome to the Autumn edition of the Southern Lakes Volunteer Fire Brigade newsletter. As the weather gets cooler, it's important to keep fire safety in mind. Here are some tips to help you stay safe this season: • In the kitchen, keep an eye on your cooking, keep flammable objects away from the stove, and turn off appliances after use. • Make sure heaters are up to standards, keep them away from flammable objects, and turn them off before bed. • Maintain smoke alarms by vacuuming them regularly, checking the batteries, and having one on every level of your home. • Clear leaves from your garden to minimize the fuel load and clean gutters, roofs, and downpipes. • Inspect power points, power boards, and electrical cords for damage, and unplug appliances when not in use. • Keep fire extinguishers within reach and have a home escape plan. • If we can’t see your street number, we won’t be able to find you, so please have a clearly visible road number. Stay warm and stay safe! Southern Lakes Volunteer Fire Brigade is looking for enthusiastic volunteers to join our team and make a positive difference in their community. You can choose from three different types of roles, all essential to supporting our brigade: • Volunteer firefighters respond to emergencies, receive extensive training in medical co-response, and provide valuable skills such as teamwork and leadership. • Operational support volunteers work alongside firefighters and medical first responders to ensure the safety of our personnel and the public. • Brigade support volunteers complete administrative tasks and may work with communities to help reduce the risk of fire in homes. • No matter which role you choose, you'll have the opportunity to strengthen your community, learn new skills, and access special benefits such as free health checks and reimbursement for out-of-pocket expenses. We need dedicated volunteers who are passionate about making a difference. Join us today and become part of a team committed to keeping our community safe. Contact Crew Leader, Chris Wells for further information on 0275 420 353 At present we are 456 rats away from taking out our 5000th rat and if our normal catch rate in the following months continues as it has done in previous years, we should take out this 5000th rat by the end of this year. Quite a milestone!! There has been a large population of feral cats over the years we have been trapping, some dumped and unfortunately on occasion pet cats have gone rabbiting and not been found and have become feral (happens quite quickly). We use live capture traps so can ascertain whether or not a cat is feral, we have a microchip reader. Some 600 feral cats have been removed, which is good for the birds and also pet cats as feral cats are vicious and known to attack domestic cats. The number of feral cats is on the decline and we strongly ask visitors to the area to put their cat in a cattery and not bring to the lake, for the safety of both the birds and the cat. On the possum front we have recently had a major increase in the numbers we have taken out monthly. This is because 1080 is no longer being dropped on the Rangitukua Hill on the Northern side of the Kuratau River. This is because the area has been declared TB free. While this is good news, unfortunately we are taking out between 10-20 possums per month rather than the 10 - 20 a year we previously took out. If you spot a possum when you are here, please let me know and we will put a possum trap in place. On behalf of the Omori/Kuratau pest Management Group, we can't thank you enough for your wonderful support of the programme which includes generous donations and your spotting of predators so we can regularly change the positions of our variable and constantly changing Community Trapping Lines. Russell Shaw. OKPMG Co-ordinator, 180 Omori Road. Ph: (07) 386 6667, email: sspub@reap.org.nz
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