Greetings from the Omori Kuratau Ratepayers Association. Our best wishes to you all for a happy Easter break! Your committee has had its first meeting for the 2022 and I can report progress on a number of issues. Repairs to the beach erosion problem are under way and should be completed by Easter so please keep off the new area which will probably include new plantings of grass and shrubs! This is an extension to the first ‘control wall’ built a couple of years ago and which is now an integral part of the erosion defence close to the Kuratau river mouth. The expectation is that further extensions to the living wall towards Parehopu Street will continue as weather and lake levels permit. This approach is underway because the council has not yet been able to get approval from Ngati Tuwharetoa to build their original control system which was to include a couple of off-shore reefs. At our last meeting we established a environmental management fund which is primarily intended to facilitate control of unwanted animal and plant pests. We are planning to create a management programme and seek complimentary funding from our local councils. You will recall that we are planning to install some additional table/seats around the area but the cost of these will mean a phased implementation, and probably some working bees to keep the cost down! We recently purchased a replacement set of chess pieces for the chess board adjacent to the swings on Omori Road as we “lose” some from time to time. We have been in discussion with he Omori Kuratau Charitable Trust who own and manage the community centre and TDC about enhancing the capability of the community centre in the event of a civil emergency. We are planning to hold a meeting of stakeholders shortly to explore how this could be achieved. This could be a major project for us over the next couple of years. Our security camera at the top of Omori Road is operational again although we continue to fine tune the system for infrared (night time) operation. We are planning to install additional camera around the community shortly. … and Chorus are close to finishing the fibre cable laying project in the area and you may therefore be able to enjoy a fibre instead of copper connection in the near future. We are always listening to you, the community, about what would be useful (a fitness circuit for instance?) so please let us know any ideas you have. Best wishes, Peter Britnell, President, OKRA In some respects the last 3 months have gone fast – with such beautiful weather but in others it seems to have dragged – with no community events being able to be held at the hall. We had a fantastic Fishing competition 1st and 2nd Jan – many thanks to Turangi Marine, AME Electrical and Building Central for the support. Also, a big thank you to Tu Wharetoa, Taupo District Council and our local DOC personnel for their support for the event. The online entries seemed to be well received – once we had fixed a glitch! Picking up the goodie bags with the spot prizes contained certainly made some people's day! Many thanks to all those who fished for us☺ Yoga continued during the summer and our thanks to Rusty and Kate for their continued support for the Hall. Thanks to those of you who attended classes – these funds have gone towards our running costs for this year. Our dedicated Mah Jong players are back in action which is great to see. Craft has started up again – this is fortnightly and we are in the process of adding a notice to the notice board so that you can easily see when craft is on. We have been fortunate to host a 70th birthday, family luncheon and had tables and chairs hired for events which has certainly helped towards the running costs of the hall. Many thanks to those involved. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you need tables, chairs or even the hall. At this point we are looking to host a “Mini Market” on Easter Saturday, 16th April, at the Hall carpark from 9am. We will be doing an outdoor event only, let’s hope the weather stays for us, with the Trust selling fresh bread, donuts and hot cross buns. There will be eftpos available on the day. We have 12 spaces/tables available if you would like to sell your wares – please contact us ASAP, regarding this. We can provide a trestle table for you but you might need to make a weather contingency plan. Stay safe and enjoy our lovely region with all that it has to offer. Raewyn Beattie Chairperson, Omori Kuratau Charitable Trust. We had a good attendance for the AGM in January and a presentation was made on the history of KOPS formed in 2008 when the D2 D3 subdivision was proposed. There has been little progress and TDC are waiting for the applicant to respond. This is very frustrating and we wrote to TDC and have been
advised that David Greaves has been engaged by TDC to process the application. The Trustees are hoping they can make changes to their ecological plan that may be sufficient to alter the Council's decision for public notification. TDC made the decision to public notify so we question if TDC can reverse their decision if the ecological plan changes. There are many other considerations to weigh. The Trustees were to hold an onsite meeting with TDC to discuss the ecological matters but was postponed due to Covid. We are not sure if this has taken place. It is very frustrating that this application has been ongoing for over 13 years. Easter Tree Planting We did consider holding our annual community working bee this year to enhance the planting in the Kuratau/Omori area but decided not to proceed this Easter due to the Covid situation. Hopefully we will be able to hold one next Easter if not before. Kind regards David Huxley-Jones Secretary Treasurer Volunteers Needed First Response urgently need more volunteers to join them in an extremely rewarding and valuable role - please be assured that First Response is not all blood and guts and car accidents! The pleasure and thanks we receive for helping people with medical conditions is really appreciated and tremendously rewarding. To find out more about the major community role that First Response plays – either call in at 149 Omori Road or phone us on our mobiles: Fraser: 027 34 34 330 Kathy: 027 359 55 23 Don't Call Us Directly Please, if you have a medical emergency, do not call us directly, dial 111 and we will respond if appropriate. If you call us personally and you need an ambulance, the response may be delayed Donations to First Response Your donations have already provided First Response and our community with the 4WD vehicle and the Lifepac 15 which have proved to be life-savers on many occasions. Recently a new floodlight was purchased which has proved invaluable when attending patients at night. Please if you would like to make a donation to First Response. Our bank details are account number: 02 0560 0153240 00 As your donations are tax deductible, please could you email our treasurer Robbie Naysmith at: Robbie@taupotrout.co.nz so you can be sent a receipt for your donation. We look forward to hearing from you. Fraser & Kathy Lake, Omori/Western Lake Taupo St John – First Responders Supporting Our Wider Community Your local volunteer brigade is on call to support our wider community. We 
also regularly go out with the support of Turangi when needed to Motor Vehicle Accidents on both State Highways 41 & 32. We have also completed the necessary First Aid training to be able to turn out as Medical Co-response in support of both the local First Response and St John, as well as fighting vegetation fires and external fire suppression of structures. General Fire Safety Always consider having a ‘Defensible Space’ around your buildings. Remove highly flammable vegetation from next to buildings. With cooler days on the way, before you use your log burner, please think about getting your chimney cleaned and checked. Don’t store your firewood on your porch, keep grass short and remember that if we need to access. your property we will be turning up in a Big Fire Engine so please ensure your driveways are kept clear of low branches and is also wide enough for access. Having a property number at street level that is visible is a must! If we can't find you, we can't help you!!! Siren We have introduced a siren for alerting our volunteers, this is a backup to our electronic alert system so if volunteers are working in a noisy environment they will hear the call-out. The siren will generally only be activated during daylight hours from 7am - 7pm. Fireworks If you must, please use fireworks respectfully (consider your neighbours, pets and farm animals) and safely. Have a bucket of water or a hose handy and let them off in an area clear of vegetation, preferably on a hard surface. For further information about fire safety, visit: https://www.checkitsalright.nz Smoke Alarms If your property doesn't have them, please get some and put them up. They work! Please check your home smoke alarms and renew their batteries regularly. We Welcome New Members 
We welcome anybody who believes that they would be able to undertake the training to join with us as a well-funded and resourced Brigade based here in Omori/Kuratau. In the event of a fire or emergency always dial 111. Finally could I ask that you all consider getting a house number that is easy to see from the road. If we can’t find you, we can’t help you! As is always the case, we welcome anyone who can help at a number of levels. If this is you, please give me a call on 027 445 4871 Be safe Ian Hunt, Brigade Leader, Southern Lakes Fire Brigade, Ph: 027 445 4871 Enjoy Our Birds … Predator Tallies for March 2022 March Rats = 53 (42 last year). The top 2 traplines for March go to Gray (Omori Boat Ramp to Omori Stream) with 10 rats and Kirk (Kuratau River to Whio Whio) with 9 rats. Great to see that Kirk’s line is back up to speed!! We are now just 82 rats short of the 4,000th rat goal. 21of the rats were taken out in donated traps. Mice = 42 (14 last year) Stoats/Ferrets = 11 (8 last year) Feral Cats = 3 (3 last year) Possums 4 ( 5 last year) Rabbits = 61 (3 last year) Hedgehogs = 6 (8 last year) The new Lake Kuratau Line sponsored by King Country Energy (25 DoC 200s and 7 Possum Traps) to April 4 has taken out the following totals since the last week of November last year: 5 ferrets and 1 stoat; 7 hedgehogs; 2 mice; 20 rats and 63 possums so it is still going strongly – especially on the possum front. Good (or possibly bad) to see our rat numbers are back to normal for this time of the year and thanks to phone calls from you and our local supporters letting us know where stoats and ferrets (mustelids) have been spotted. We have taken out a huge total of 44 mustelids in the last 3 months. Let’s hope this settles down soon, but taking out this many will have certainly helped our bird population!! Again our sincere thanks for your continued donations of support - they are greatly appreciated and allow us to update our equipment and purchase some newly designed traps and fresh lures. Cheers and enjoy your visits over Easter Russell Shaw: Omori Kuratau Pest Management Group Co-ordinator. 180 Omori Road Phone: (07) 386 6667 . . email: sspub@reap.org.nz
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