Greetings to you all A rather lengthy report as we have several areas of concern to brief you on. I will start with the large slip affecting Omori Road at the first downhill bend after leaving State Highway 41. This occurred several weeks ago after prolonged heavy rain. There has been quite a lot of work done to address the damage on the uphill side and the water running down the roadside gutter. However the downhill slip is large and steep and is affected by 3 streams that empty into it. The contractors started using a stop & go light system to control traffic however this was vandalised and has now been replaced by a “one way bridge” type system giving priority to the uphill traffic. This is potentially very dangerous and GREAT CARE must be taken. We are continuing to work with TDC and the contractor to improve safety but please DRIVE SLOWLY! It is likely that permanent repairs will take some time. Our next issue is the very high lake level coupled with prevailing easterly winds which has caused further erosion of the Kuratau and Omori beaches. TDC have already and will continue to replenish the Kuratau beach with replacement sand however the very wet conditions and high lake levels have made this job difficult and has caused additional damage to the reserve. Until the lake level drops it will also be difficult to remediate the Kuratau beach and reserve or replace/repair the Omori to Kuratau lakeside track. As you can see, we are in the middle of several “discussions” with TDC about local issues however one of the most frustrating has been their rejection of our proposal to lower the road speed from 100KPH on Te Puke Road. The road is widely used by local residents living on or next to the road, residents using the refuse station and residents and visitors including young children walking and cycling on the road which has no footpaths! I feel that TDC have been delinquent in dealing with our submission. TDC have resently placed a Slow Down sign, however we will still be looking at creative ways of improving safety before there is a serious accident. Our plans for a rabbit control programme to start in the Autumn have been put on hold due to an increase in communication workload with TDC on the issues above but I expect that we will have concrete plans to present to you in the new year. And now for some good news! I quote from TDC: TDC are undertaking a project to build a new Membrane filtration plant to ensure Omori and the surrounding communities have water that exceeds the new NZ Drinking water standards and to create a resilient supply and modern supply source. The new plant utilises some of the latest Water treatment technology and will be tied into a state-of-the-art telemetry system that can be monitored and operated remotely (if need be). Works are expected to start in early to mid-2023 and should take 12 months to commission, from the start of construction. The overall project cost is around $5million and at final stage (if/when required) it will be able to produce 2,500m3 of drinking water. This project fits in as part of a programme of works to build 5 new membrane filtration plants in the Taupō District, that are designed and built by Pall Marshall Water Consortium. Some more good news. Our security camera at the top of Omori Road is fully operational and the police have recently made good use of it. Our thanks to John Carlson of Signco for his assistance with the required signage for this. The Omori Kuratau Charitable Trust has also installed security cameras at the community centre. We have been in consultation with Police regarding security over the Christmas/New Year period and have hired the same security company again to patrol on New Year’s Eve.….and the first of our two new tables/benches on the reserve have been installed. So please take extra care at the Omori Road slip and have a really great summer break. I hope to see you at the AGM at 10.00 am on Tuesday 3rd of January at the Community Centre. Best regards: Peter Britnell, Chairman, OKRA Nominations for Officers and Committee of the Omori Kuratau Ratepayers Association (OKRA) will be received by the Secretary at P.O Box 328, Turangi by 12.00 pm, 2nd January, 2023 and emailed to: Kevin O'Hara, Secretary at: by the day before the AGM or presented at the AGM prior to commencement at 10.00 am, 3rd January. Please note that nominations must be made using this form and a separate form is required for each nomination. The form must also be signed by the Nominee and both Nominators. Please note the Nominee must be a current financial member of the OKRA. Download the pdf below for scanning and nominations. Wow another year has flown past! It has been great to be able to get back into the swing of things! The hall has had a busy year with the normal events all being able to be held. Our thanks to all those people who have supported Mahjong, Crafts, Indoor Bowls, Yoga, Quiz Nights and Pot Lucks. The hall would like to thank Mike Hawley, Hawley Builders and Ian Giles for completing the extra storage space on the southern side of the hall – this is a fantastic extension to our hall. Another big thanks to Gerhard Venter, Vevo Alarms for the donation of an internal alarm and recently he and his team have installed cameras surrounding the hall. We are so lucky to have such great offers of help from our small and extended community. Our Labour Weekend market was another great success and we look forward to a busy summer season. DATES FOR YOUR CALENDAR Saturday 24th Dec – come along for an old fashioned Carols sing-a-long. 6pm with a gold coin donation. Wednesday 28th Dec – 1.30pm registration with 2pm staggered start – what you have all been waiting for our “Colour Fun Run”! Entry is via a gold coin donation and there will be lots of fun to be had. If you don’t want to participate we would love a few more volunteers – get to throw water and/or paint and have a lot of laughs along the way. The Fishing Competition is back again – with online registrations opening on Monday 19th Dec (closing on Thursday 29th Dec), physical registrations will be open on Saturday 31st Dec from 2-4pm in the Hall. Fishing days are Sunday 1st and Monday 2nd Jan with prize giving being at 6pm on Monday 2nd January. There are great prizes and heaps of spot prizes up for grabs. Thanks to Turangi Marine as our major sponsor along with Building Central, AME Electrical, Sporting Life and Mitre10 Mega Whanganui as class sponsors. Please keep an eye on our Facebook page “Omori Kuratau Community” and web site for further information. If you would like to be included in our monthly newsletter please feel free to send us an email and we will add you to our list. Thank you to the Committee for their support this year and also the support shown from locals and Trust Friends, who continue to support the hall in many ways. We wish all a very Merry Xmas and happy New Year and lets all do our bit to stay safe and enjoy a summer in a magic part of New Zealand. Raewyn Beattie Chairperson, Omori Kuratau Charitable Trust. If we can't find you we can't help you! There have been numerous callouts when First Response has had enormous difficulty finding the patient. A charming street number sign which is not visible at night will delay us in providing urgent assistance. Please go outside at night and stand on the other side of the road. Can you see your street number? Santa Prezzies Santa will be back in the villages this Christmas Day. Please, you would like Santa to deliver your presents, drop them into lovely Weasel at the store, no later than 5pm on Christmas Eve. Please can make sure the presents are clearly labelled and if a number of gifts are to be delivered to one address, place them in a labelled bag, this makes Santa’s job much easier and as we all know he is very busy. Santa’s helpers will be offering lollies and shaking the buckets for First Response as this is our annual fundraiser. If you would like to donate to First Response and are not here on Christmas Day … Our bank account number is: 02 0560 0153240 00 As donations over $5 are tax deductible, please could you email our treasurer Robbie Naysmith at: if you would like a receipt for your donation. Volunteers Needed To have better first response coverage we need more volunteers. To learn more about being a First Responder give us a ring or come and see us at 149 Omori Road
 Fraser 0273434330 Kathy 0273595523 Don't Call Us Directly Please, if you have a medical emergency, do not call us directly, dial 111 and we will respond if appropriate. If you call us personally and you need an ambulance, the response may be delayed. We look forward to hearing from you. 
Fraser & Kathy Lake, Omori/Western Lake Taupo St John – First Responders
 KOPS Labour Weekend Newsletter - update on the D2 D3 Subdivision. Again, no further progress on the ecology assessment relating to this application has been made by TDC and we have asked for an update on the 5th December. David Despite your email of 28 July we have heard nothing further from you. Please let us have something definite and substantial immediately, The delay is so frustrating as to be intolerable. I am now seriously considering:-a documented complaint to the local authority Ombudsman; How could TDC possibly justify its inaction as reasonable? And - a press exposure of TDC's lack of decisive action Don Mathieson We did receive the update below on the 6th December which says nothing new. There has been a considerably longer delay than I had anticipated, hence the delay in getting back to you. Since my last email the applicant has been working on revising the application, including having their ecologist revisit the proposed mitigation and modelling. The existing notification decision stands (that is, if they are to progress, the proposal should be publicly notified). Unfortunately, there is limited ability for Council to force an applicant to proceed with notification for a Proposal that they are not going to progress (as is indicated by the revisions they are currently making). We are stuck between a rock and a hard place to a degree. I will touch base with the Applicant to see what their timeframe is. Once we have some more information on the revised/new application we will be able to provide you with some certainty as to process and timeframes. KOPS 15th AGM 10:00am on Wednesday 4 January at the Hall This is the 15th AGM of KOPS and we need to discuss what our next action should be. We encourage you to attend and look forward to your views. A comment on the erosion. There has been much concern over the erosion in recent weeks. Some years ago, our previous chairman, Rod Neveldsen, spent considerable time researching this. The Mighty River Power (MRP) resource consent with WRC states the maximum height permissible for hydro power is based on a flat lake. When the lake is full, any rough weather creates erosion. When the MRP resource consent came up for review, KOPS paid for a legal opinion to see whether the consent should include wave height. This was sent to WRC for consideration but WRC decided to not alter the existing consent. Please note OKRA are liaising with TDC on the issue of erosion. Dave Huxley-Jones KOPS Secretary (frustrated) Supporting Our Wider Community Your local volunteer brigade is on call to support our wider community. We also regularly go out, with the support of Turangi when needed, to Motor Vehicle Accidents on both State Highways 41 & 32. We have also completed the necessary First Aid training to be able to turn out as Medical Co-response in support of, both the local First Response and St John, as well as fighting vegetation fires and external fire suppression of structures. Summer Safety With summer on its way, please consider having a ‘Defensible Space’ around your buildings. Remove highly flammable vegetation from next to buildings. Don't store firewood on your porch, keep grass short and remember that if we need access to your property, we will be turning up in a Big Fire Engine so please ensure your driveways are kept clear of low branches and is also wide enough for access. Water Hydrants Please be aware of the position of the nearest water hydrant. Is it visible, not overgrown or covered in big long grass or dirt or is it leaking? If you find any of these issues, please contact the Taupo District Council to report the problem and the location. And please – don't park over them! Siren We have introduced a siren for alerting our volunteers. This is a backup to our electronic alert system so if volunteers are working in a noisy environment they will hear the call-out. The siren will only be activated during daylight hours from 7am to 7pm. Fire Bans No fires are to be lit in any of the reserves along the lake shore. If there is a restricted season in place, you will need a permit to light a fire which can be obtained on the FENZ website at: Fireworks If you must, please use fireworks responsibly and respectfully (consider your neighbours, pets and farm animals). Have a bucket of water or a hose handy and let them off in an area clear of vegetation, preferably on a hard surface. For further information about fire safety, visit the following link. Smoke Alarms If your property doesn’t currently have smoke alarms, please consider installing them They work! Please check your home smoke alarms and renew their batteries regularly. We Welcome New Members We welcome anyone who believes that they would be able to undertake the training to join with us as a well-funded and resourced Brigade based here in Omori/Kuratau. In the event of a fire or emergency always dial 111. Finally could I ask that you all consider getting a house number that is easy to see from the road. If we can’t find you, we can’t help you! As is always the case, we welcome anyone who can help at a number of levels. If this is you, please give me a call on 027 445 4871 Ian Hunt, Brigade Leader, Southern Lakes Fire Brigade, Ph: 027 445 4871 For the latest tally totals and predator trapping information visit the 'Latest News' section of OKRA website.
Omori Kuratau Charitable Trust (Community Hall) Christmas 2022 Report
 Chairman's Report – Christmas 2022
 Southern Lakes Fire Brigade Christmas Report 2022
 Omori Kuratau Pest Management Group (OKPMG) – Sincere Thanks to You All


 Kuratau Omori Preservation Society Christmas 2022 Update
Omori Kuratau Ratepayers Association Nomination Form 2023
Omori/Western Lake Taupo St John First Response - Christmas 2022


 24 December Christmas Eve Carols and Mass • St Joseph the Worker, Turangi (Catholic Parish) carols will begin at 4.30pm with a Vigil Mass at 5pm. • Carols at the Omori Kuratau Hall at 6pm please bring a gold coin donation 25 December Christmas Day • There will be a Christmas at St Patrick’s Taupo at 9am • Church of the Cross, Turangi will have a Christmas Day service at 10 am (Anglican, Presbyterian and Methodist) • St Paul’s Tokaanu. A Christmas Service will be held at 10am Santa Presents • Santa will be back in the villages this Christmas Day. Please if you would like Santa to deliver your presents drop them into lovely Weasel at the store, no later than 5pm on Christmas Eve. Full details in Newsletter above. 28 December Colour Fun Run 1.30pm registration with 2pm staggered start Entry is via a gold coin donation and there will be lots of fun to be had. If you don’t want to participate we would love a few more volunteers – get to throw water and/or paint and have a lot of laughs along the way. 31 December - 2 January Fishing Competition Online registrations opening on Monday 19 December (closing on Thursday 29 December), physical registrations will be open on Saturday 31 December from 2-4pm in the Hall. Fishing days are Sunday 1 January and Monday 2 January with prize giving being at 6pm on Monday 2 January. Please keep an eye on our Facebook page “Omori Kuratau Community” and web site for further information. 3 January: Omori Kuratau Ratepayers Association AGM at the Hall at 10am (if you haven’t joined, come early and you can do so before the meeting $30, either cheque or cash as no ETPOS available)
Nomination forms for positions as officers and committee members of the Ratepayers Association can be downloaded using the pdf below. ﷯ Turangi Foodbank Drive 5- 6.30pm We Need You!!
Runners and drivers required to assist with the Turangi Food Bank Drive for Omori, Kuratau and Pukawa between 5.00- 6.30 pm. If you can help please contact Cath Carran at: Phone: 021 819857 or
email: We will be making noise in your street and when you hear us coming please bring your donations of food and/or money to the kerb so we can do a contactless pickup. If you are looking for some suggestions of what to donate, here are some ideas: milk powder, rice, canned fruit, cereals, sugar, washing powder, dish-washing liquid, tea, coffee, soap, pasta sauce, noodles, flour, peanut butter, muesli bars, baked beans (all non-perishable goods) and of course MONEY. 4 January: Kuratau Omori Preservation Society AGM Our annual general meeting will be held at the Community Hall at 10.00am on Wednesday 4 January. As well as present members, we extend a warm invitation to all those interested in taking part in our community activities. Omori Store Hours For our holiday hours, please check our website or Facebook pages at: or: Messages from Taupo District Council Please be aware that motorbikes/quads etc are not to be on any of the reserves and if anyone does see this would they please contact the Police (not the Council) about it, as it is occurring. TDC advises rubbish day will still be Monday regardless of being Public Holidays on 26 December and 2 January. However if there are any changes, they will be advertised on the TDC website, Facebook page, Antenno and on Connect. A wee reminder – please do not to put rubbish on the kerb before Sunday night/Monday morning as it can be ripped open and strewn by animals. On behalf of the Omori/Kuratau Pest Management Group I sincerely thank you all for the amazing support and generous donations you have given our group during the year. Again I invite you to continue to keep an 'eye-out' for predators over the summer period and let me know where they have been spotted so we can immediately deploy a trap as part of our 'Community Trapping Line' that is variable and constantly changing and is based on local community sightings. My sincere thanks to you all – your continuing support is greatly appreciated Russell Shaw OKPMG Co-ordinator, 180 Omori Road, (07) 386 6667,