All the artistic photographs and page headers on this website have been taken by super-talented photographer Will Shirer.

To see more of his work on display, visit the Floating Rock Cafe at Kuratau and/or visit the following Facebook link.


Early morning mist at Kuratau River mouth

Kuratau River walkway

Enjoying an early morning stroll

The old Omori jetty

Dawn from Omori

Omori - Kuratau overview

Exposed rocks at Omori Stream

Moonlight on Lake Taupo

Dawn at the Kuratau River mouth

Ice on vines at Kuratau River Wines

Early morning Kuratau Spit

Rangitukua in the mist

Rock climing at Scenic Bay

Lone fisherman at Kuratau River mouth

Tranquil Kuratau river jetty

Early evening view of the Kuratau Spit

The photography  of Will Shirer