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Omori Kuratau Pest Management Update

 Omori/Kuratau Pest Management Group Report. October 2020 Tallies for October 2020 and comparisons with 2019 from January to October over the 2 year period. It is always interesting to compare the number of pests taken out during the same time period of 2 years to see if they are similar or there is a decrease or increase. The following comparisons are for the months from January to the end of October for both 2019 and 2020 which in some cases make very interesting reading: Rats 2019 = 439 Rats 2020 = 441 . Feral Cats 2019 = 49 Feral Cats 2020 = 18 Mice 2019 = 147 Mice 2020 = 178 . Stoats etc 2019 = 41 Stoats etc 2020 = 47 HHogs 2019 = 55 HHogs 2020 = 56 Rabs 2019 = 18 Rabs 2020 = 48 Possums 2019 = 8 Possums to 25 November = 65 Obviously our possum problem is/was not good since EPRO was no longer required by the Animal Health Board. However since the deployment of the apple-baited Timms traps, our monthly totals since Labour Weekend have evened out with only 4 in October and only 3 reported so far in November. Let’s hope this is a continuing trend and we get back to the 4-8 possums we normally take out per year. Again, please let me know if you hear or sight a possum and we will immediately deploy a trap. Have a great Christmas break and enjoy the birds! Russell Shaw, OKPMG Co-ordintor, 180 Omori Road, Phone (07) 386 6667,