Support for K/O Preservation Society



                                                            The OKRA Review of Taupo’s Growth Strategy TD2050:

                                                            In October, your Committee supported Kuratau Omori Preservation

                                                            Society (KOPS) in their submission to prevent approval being granted

                                                            for the establishment of an 81 section subdivision in an area known as

                                                            D2/D3 Blocks. This area borders Te Waaka Tce, Pihanga Road,

                                                            Taringa Ave and the Whio Whio Reserve through to the Kuratau River.


This application requires resource consent and our submission is that this resource application should be publicly notifiable. We would welcome your input. You can view and download both the OKRA and KOPS submissions in pdf format below.

Download Christmas 2018 Newsletter

Omori Kuratau Pest Management Update

Omori/Kuratau Pest Management Group Report for November 2018 After our two very quiet months of September and October, things seem to be getting back to norma again.. Tallies are as follows: Rats = 26. (28 last year) 13 of the rats were caught with donated traps. Mice = 6. (24 last year) No Stoats/Weasels/Ferrets. (5 last Year) Cats = 2. (0 last year) Possums = 3. ( 0 last year) . 6 caught in the last two months and reported sightings in Kuratau. Hedgehogs = 2. (2 last year) The really good news is that the tea infusers that we now place our lures in have proved to be impervious to the rats and keep the lures (in spite of all the rain) in good condition for about 3-4 weeks. A huge saving on lures at last and great to beat the mice at their own game! December is always hard to predict as over the years it has varied from a high of 60 rats to 11 last year. To date in just over 7 years or trapping we have taken out a total of 4,049 predators made up of 2,426 rats, 340 mice, 135 stoats, 381 cats, 184 possums. 159 magpies and 470 hedgehogs … and that’s a lot of birds saved. If you sight any predators over the Christmas period, please let me know and we will place a trap where the sighting occurred. Kind regards to you all and let's hope the weather improves! TallyTotals November Russell Shaw OKPMG Co-ordinator Contact Details: Ph: (07) 386 6667, Email: 180 Omori Road