Omori/Kuratau Ratepayers Association 3 January 2021 AGM

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Omori Kuratau Pest Management Update

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Omori/Kuratau Pest Management Group Report. December 2020 Tallies for December 2020 Seasons Greetings to you all. An interesting December – especially on the possum front and interestingly, 2 lines failed to take out any predators during the month – a first for us. Tallies as follows: Rats = 34 - (54 last year but that was an exception – previous years yields were somewhere in the 30s) 19 of the rats were taken out on just 2 lines - the Omori boat ramp to Omori Stream line and 9 rats from the new Streamblock line. The other 15 were spread fairly evenly around the other lines. Our grand rat total now stands at 3,500 so it is more than likely to top 4000 rats in 2021 In terms of rat numbers, most were again caught on donated trap lines. Since we started trapping over 10 years ago the top trapline has always been the Whiowhio river line but this year we have had a huge turn-around. The Whiowhio line took out 67 rats but an incredible 98 rats were taken out on the Omori boat ramp to Omori stream donated trap line. A further 47 rats were taken on the Sth Omori stream donated trap line. The total number of all predator types taken out on these 3 lines were: Sth Omori Stream = 60, Whiowhio line = 103 and Omori boat ramp line = 164. Feral Cats = 1 (0 last year) Since 2018, yearly feral cat totals have continued to fall – 111 cats in 2018, 51 cats in 2019 and 20 cats this year. Mice = 6 (6 last year) Mustelids (weasels, stoats, ferrets) = 6 (6 last year) Hedgehogs = 3 (2 last year) Possums = 9 (0 last year) 6 of these were taken out on the north Omori Stream line. So we are not over the possum problem yet. Total yearly possum numbers since 2016 (when we had them under control) makes interesting reading: 2016 = 5 2017 = 13 2018 = 7, 2019 = 10 and 2020 = 74 so we still have quite a way to go. On behalf of the team, thank you for the wonderful support you give us and we really appreciate your predator sightings that help us with trap deployment and your very positive comments about the large numbers of birds we now have in the area. Have a great 2021 Russell Shaw, OKPMG Co-ordintor, 180 Omori Road, Phone (07) 386 6667, Donated trap numbers 2020 pdf below.