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March 2023 Predator Tallies Greetings Trapping Supporters Following are the tallies for March 2023 Rats = 58. (55 last Year). 21 of the 58 rats were caught in Donated Traps. Our grand total now stands at 4, 552 which is 448 rats short of our 5000th rat. If last years tallies are repeated, we should reach our 5000th rat by November or December this year but who knows!!! Mice = 22 (42 last year). Mustelids = 4 all ferrets (4 last year). Possums = 14 (4 last year) Our possum tally now includes the Lake Kuratau with a March tally of 3 possums and 1 feral cat. Hedgehogs = 5 (8 last year) Cats = 14 (13 last year). Most cats were taken out in Kuratau and one trap in Omori took out 6 cats – a whole 'black cat' family. Rabbits = 6 (61 last year) Rabbits were not included in many totals sent in so may be much higher. In terms of lures, we have a 50/50 spread of both the lighter coloured new lures and the darker coloured crushed fish paste lures around the Lake Kuratau line to test if one lure is more effective at attracting and catching predators than the other lure. After a year’s trial we have found that both are equally effective with their share of catches at 50% each. We have however found that the darker coloured fish paste lure is very much more likely to go mouldy quite quickly if there has been a lot of rain and damp weather. This means we must check weekly on the condition of the darker lures and replace them more regularly. pdf below of donated trap catches. Many thanks again for your enthusiasm, continued support and generous donations – greatly appreciated by the trappers. Cheers Russell Shaw, Omori/Kuratau Trapping Co-ordinator 180 Omori Road. Phone: (07) 386 667 . Email: sspub@reap.org.nz 























Omori Kuratau Ratepayers Association Committee Meeting held on 8 March, at the Community Hall.


Next Meeting Wednesday 10th May 5.30pm


For full Ratepayers Association Meeting  read/download this pdf.


Further to the update sent as part of the OKRA Easter Newsletter 1. An article “The ‘idyllic’ community being eaten away by the electricity market” featured in Stuff newspapers including the Dominion Post, Waikato Times, and the Manawatu Evening Standard on Saturday 25 March. This was about the effects of erosion at Kuratau, and comments from stakeholders. Copy the following link into your browser to read and view (photos) the full article. https://www.stuff.co.nz/national/300829857/the-idyllic-community-being-eaten-away-by-the-electricity-market 2. A Teams meeting was held early March hosted by Taupo District Council (TDC) to discuss Lake Taupo Erosion and Levels. Various stakeholders including Waikato Regional Council (WRC), Mercury, Tuwharetoa Maori Trust Board, DOC, TDC Mayor and Councillor, and Taupo’s local MP, with Kuratau Erosion Committee invited. Download the following pdf for a summary of the meeting. 3. The Kuratau Erosion Committee met with TDC in the past week, a very productive meeting with more info to come over the next few weeks. Angela Salmon: Kuratau Erosion Committee-OKRA


                                     OK Ratepayers AGM

                                        3       January 2023




Further Kuratau Erosion Committee – Info released 5 February


Taupo District Council has advised us that stronger preventative erosion measures will be

undertaken to limit the erosion at Kuratau. To read the full information read/download the pdf .

Kuratau Erosion Committee- OKRA Update 4 April 2023 Predator Tallies Monthly Report – March 2023