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Omori Kuratau Pest Management Update

Omori/Kuratau Pest Management Group Report. September 2020 Tallies for Seoptember 2020 Greetings Trapping Supporters September as is normal was a quiet month for rat totals with most lines only taking out between 1-3 rats and only a total of 6 rats were taken out on donated traps. That said, it was considerably more than our smallest September total of all time – the 6 rats taken out in September 2018. Totals as follows: Rats = 24 (30 last year) Mice = 6 (8 last year) Mustelids (stoats, ferrets, weasels) = 0 (2 last year) Cats = 0 - a great result (0 last year) Rabbits 5 (2 last year) Hedgehogs = 5 (1last year) Possums = 7 (1 last year) This total includes ‘2 Joeys’ in the pouch which is 4 better and way better than the 11 last month and a huge total of 59 possums taken out since March this year. Lets hope we are getting on top of them and this number slows down again in October and we start getting back to the average of the 5-7 possums per year we normally get. The apple baited Timms traps are certainly working and hopefully beginning to slow the tide. As mentioned in last months report, we haven’t caught a possum with our A12 Goodnature traps (baited with cinnamon paste) for well over a year and have taken them in and will re-deploy them in about a year and hope they will again prove attractive to possums. Again – if you see or hear possums when you are next up, please let me know so we can place a Timms trap close by. Of interest our 10 year predator totals are as follows: Rats = 3,416 Mice = 697 (since June 2016 when we started counting them) Cats = 516 Possums = 252 Hedgehogs = 580 Magpies = 234 Rabbits = 81 (since July 2017 when we started counting them) Not including rabbits, this gives us a grand total of 5,776 predators taken out – not a bad effort by our trappers and it’s wonderful to have a district that now has so many birds!! Until next month – Cheers Russell Shaw Omori Kuratau Pest Management Co-ordinator. Ph: 07 386 6667