Pest Management Update – May 2022



In the Event of a Civil Defence Ememgency

The latest Omori Kuratau Ratepayers Association Committee Meeting was held on Saturday 2nd April.


The following topics twere discussed in detail.

1) Security Cameras: 2) Rabbit Management: 3) Walking Track - Omori-Kuratau Boat ramps: 4: General

    Maintenance of Walkways and Reserves: 5): Pop Up Meeting at Hall: 6): Civil Defence: 7) TDC Strategic

    and Annual Plans: 8) Fitness Circuit: 9) Table and Chairs: 10) Mirrors: 11) Neighbourhood Welcome Sign:

    12) Kuratau Boat Ramp Extension: 13: Hall Report


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Latest Ratepayers Committee Meeting

In order to effectively ensure all residents are accounted for and supported in the event of a Civil Defence Emergency, the OKRA committee is endeavouring to update the details of all permanent residents living in the Omori/Kuratau area. If you would like to be included in this venture please email your name, number of people in the household, address, phone number and any special needs that anyone in your household may have. If you would also like to put yourself forward to assist in any way - please indicate this too. We would like to know of plumbers, electricians, builders, doctors, nurses or any other specialties that you have. The Civil Defence may also be looking for caravans, motor homes etc., that could be used for temporary shelter for injured people, or tractors, chainsaws or other equipment that may be of use. Please email this information to: Many thanks. OKRA Committee Ngaire Grainger +6421435534
Predator Tallies for May 2022 May Rats = 75 (50 last year). Now 93 past our 4,000th rat!! Dennis Sherson took out 15 rats on the South Omori Stream donated trap line – a new (not by much) monthly record. The totals now include the predator numbers from months April/May from our new line around Lake Kuratau and future totals will now include these totals on a monthly basis. Lake Kuratau totals for May were 14 rats, 10 Mice, 13 Possums and 1 cat. The Lake Kuratau line (above the Power Station) started on 29 November 2021 and totals till 31 May 2022 are as follows: Rats = 33, Mice = 12, Hedgehogs = 7, Ferrets/Stoats = 8 and Possums = a massive 74 Mice = 88 (31 last year) Stoats/Ferrets = 1 (2 last year) Feral Cats = 4 (8 last year) Possums 22 ( 4 last year) 13 of these were taken out on the Lake Kuratau line. Rabbits = 4 (0 last year) Hedgehogs = 2 (11 last year) Many thanks for all the phone calls regarding spotting feral cats, mustelids and possums. When we get your call we immediately put out a trap and this really works well – especially for possums. Cheers Russell Shaw: Omori Kuratau Pest Management Group Co-ordinator. 180 Omori Road Phone: (07) 386 6667 . . email: