Latest Omori Kuratau Ratepayers Association Minutes Summary: November 8th, 2023. Full Details in pdf at bottom of this summary. Treasurers Report as at 8 November $57,335.20 and no outstanding liabilities. Business/Agenda Items Summary 1) Update from Kuratau Erosion Committee. 2) Lake level review outcome. 3) Christmas/New Year security arrangements. 4) Defibrillators report. 5) Impact new proposed bins would have on our community. 6) Managing 2 x OKRA databases. 7) Rabbit subcommittee report. 8) Status of water plant upgrade. 9) New 2024 Committee discussion. 10) Seat outside firestation. 11) Latest on Omori boatramp. 12) Problems with reserves being blocked by vehicles and boats Full November 8th Omori/Kuratau Ratepayers Minutes.
Predator Tallies Report – November , 2023
November 2023 Predator Tallies Greetings Trapping Supporters Our rat total for November was 26 rats, giving us a new grand total of 4983 rats which means we now only have the very achievable of 17 rats to catch to bring up the 5000th rat – and yes, we are very much on target to reach this mark by the end of this month. November Tallies as Follows Rats = 26 (33 last year) The Kirk and Craig line took out 7 rats and the Kuratau line caught 6. Mice = 7 (19 last year) Possums = 6 (9 last year) The good news is that 5 of the possums were caught on the Lake Kuratau line and only 1 possum was taken out by Paddy Doyle on the Omori/Kuratau line. This is very good news that confirms we have the possums back under control in Omori/Kuratau after the recent possum surge when 1080 was no longer able to be dropped on Rangitukua
 Cats = 1 (Great news)

Hedgehogs = 3 (We now have taken out 772 hedgehogs to date. Unfortunately the hedgehog that many people think of as 'cute' is our most underrated predator and this is a message we must get out. An excellent website that explains the major threats that hedgehogs pose is: and I encourage you to view the site and pass this message on to people - many of whom are totally unaware of the threats they pose to our native wildlife and to our environment. Mustelids (ferrets, stoats, weasels) = 5 Rabbits = 48 While the majority of these were shot, there are a few that were found dead, and this is a hopeful sign that a varieniant of the calici virus may be coming back. Magpies = 20 Another major pest that prevents our birdlife from nesting in areas they would normally nest in plus eating the chicks and eggs as food. We are very pleased to receive regular and more and more positive comments about the major return of birdlife in our area – especially from people who visit for the first time who are totally amazed by the numbers they see and hear - and it's all due to the to the work we do and have done over the last 14-15 years. Many thanks for your continued support, predator spotting and generous donations you have made to the cause. It is greatly appreciated by our team. Kind regards Russell Shaw, Omori/Kuratau Trapping Co-ordinator 180 Omori Road. Phone: (07) 386 667 . Email: