Pest Management Update
January 2023 Tallies Following are the predator tallies for January 2023 Rats = 32 (27 last Year) 15 rats taken out on donated traps with the Kuratau River/Whio Whio line topping the poll with 10 rats. Our grand total now stands at 4,472 leaving a total of of 528 rats to reach our next major goal of 5,000 rats. If our numbers pick up during the following months (as they always seem to do), we should reach our target nearing the end of this year. Mice = 9 (0 last year) Hedgehogs = 7 (5 last year) Mustelids: Weasels/Stoats/Ferrets = 3 (17 last year) Possums = 15 (1 last year) Again the Kuratau River line topped the poll with 8 possums and the new King Country Energy (Lake Kuratau) line took out 5 and the north side of the Omori Stream took out 2. Cats = 2 (3 last year) It's great to see our cat numbers are so low - only 1 cat in the last 5 months. The message to not bring cats for the holiday periods has finally got through. Rabbits = 85 (0 last year) 63 taken out on Jared's property and another 10 taken out by Kirk of Kuratau River line fame!! Hedgehogs = 4 (3 last year). Now the holidays are over, the Timms traps will again be up and running with their fresh apple bait. A thankyou again to all of those visitors who reported sightings of predators so we could place traps where they were spotted. Cheers Russell Shaw, Omori/Kuratau Trapping Co-ordinator 180 Omori Road. Phone: (07) 386 667 . Email: pdf of totals to January 2023 

Kuratau Erosion Committee – Info released 5 February


Taupo District Council has advised us that stronger preventative erosion measures will be undertaken to limit the erosion at Kuratau. To read the full information read/download the pdf below.

New Kuratau Erosion Committee – First Report