OKRA Chairman's Blog – March 2018


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There are issues that we believe are important to the Omori Kuratau Community and I would value your input. These are:


Erosion Mitigation:


We await the start of remedial work north of the Omori Boat Ramp!! In the meantime, Janet Spilman, representing KOPS and I met with Jon Clarke & Reuben Hansen of T&T, Greg Hadley representing TDC and Allan Kirk representing WRC. Also attending was Dave Potaka, representing the Pukawa Hapu.

Discussion centred on the continued erosion of the Kuratau beach and foreshore, from the Kuratau River mouth to Te Rae Point, including a site visit to the most affected areas. T&T consider their Erosion Management Concept Plan for Kuratau Shoreline submitted last year still to be the most pragmatic response to erosion mitigation along the foreshore.

This Concept Plan, along with a photograph taken in 2017, of the groyne established in 2009 just south of the Waitahanui River, are currently available for view on the OKRA website, www.omorikuratauratepayers.org.nz Feedback from the Community is welcomed. Please submit your comments, favourable or otherwise to okrate@gmail.com


Alternatively, Greg Hadley will be at the Easter Market Day on Saturday to answer any questions you may have. It is intended that T&T submit a final costed plan to TDC by end June 2018.


Taupo District Council - Long Term Plan (LTP) - 2018/2028:


Today, the TDC published their LTP 2018/2028, which can be viewed the TDC website www.taupodc.govt.nz The TDC Council staff are now holding meetings throughout the region, explaining the implications of the LTP and are also seeking feedback. There is to be a meeting this Weds 14 March at the Omori Kuratau Community Hall, starting at 5.30pm. While I appreciate for most of you it is impossible to be at this meeting, if you have the time, a read through of the LTP and comment would be appreciated. These public meetings are the first stage in the process of the LTP implementation.


Local Government Commission (LGC) Review:

This 6-yearly review is about to take place for the Taupo District. Essentially the Council reviews how the Council Wards and Community Boards are structured and whether they fit the LGC objective of Council representing the total regional population, rather than the current ward structure established based on location. Effectively this could mean the end of Councillors specifically representing the interests of the Turangi/Tongariro Community.

This process, having just started will take some time to complete. Public submissions will be allowed as part of this review. OKRA would welcome your comments/submissions and would be happy to submit these to Council on your behalf. Again, please email your submissions to okrate@gmail.com


Proposed Speed Restrictions to Omori Road:


A region wide review of roading and speed restrictions has recently been completed by TDC staff and recommendations put to Council for consultation. As part of this review, it is recommended that speed restrictions be introduced on Omori Road. The recommendation is that there be on Omori Road, from the turn off of SH41 to the current 70km speed restriction, a new speed limit of 80km, and from the current 70km speed restriction, a new speed limit of 50km.

These recommendations are open to public comment and submission. Once again, we would welcome your feedback and happy to present your submission to Council on your behalf. Again, please email your submission to okrate@gmail.com


Please note all submissions will be acknowledged. What we are seeking is as much input from the Community as possible. This will allow us to pass back to TDC a comprehensive view of our Community.


Many thx

Mike Bowie, Chairman OKRA.



Mike Bowie, Chairman, OKRA.

021 64 55 65.