OKRA Chairman's Blog – Sept/Oct 2020

Hello Fellow Ratepayers I hope that we may see some of you over Labour Weekend coming up in a few weeks. The community is currently planning a number of events over the long weekend including Market Day at the Community Centre on Saturday morning and a car boot sale on Sunday morning, ideal to move out some of the gear that you don’t use anymore and acquire some new stuff! Your committee has been in continued communication during the pandemic and lockdown however TDC who are responsible for most of the day-to-day operational work that goes on around the district have been impacted by staff movement restrictions and several projects that we have been working on with them have been unavoidably delayed. Erosion Repairs TDC advise that: “The Assessment of Environment Effects, Consent and Tender documents are complete.[we are] In negotiations with Tuwharetoa Maori Trust Board to site the reef structures on the lake bed.”This was originally intended to start around now but we are optimistic that you should see work starting soon. Security Camera Following a break-in in the community, we discovered that our security camera was not working correctly however this has now been rectified and we will continue to monitor its performance. Traffic Management Following the change to the permitted speed on Omori Road, there has been concern over the continuing higher-than-permitted travel speeds in the area. By the time you read this we should have had our planned meeting with the traffic management team at TDC and will be able to report back to you asap after that. In the meantime, please observe the road rules – there are a number of school-age children who live here permanently and of course that increases dramatically during holiday periods. In addition to this we sadly get regular reports of native birds, particularly low flying kereru and tui, being hit and killed by speeding cars. Please slow down so we can continue to celebrate and enjoy the huge increase in bird numbers we now have, thanks to the efforts of our local Pest Management Group. Rabbit and Pest Control We have formed a sub-committee to look into the potential management of the rabbit population along the lines of the current pest control programme which is run by the Omori Kuratau Pest Management Group. Email Communication Please advise us of your email contact address if possible! There were several occasions during the lockdown when we would have liked to contact you with timely information however we are somewhat constrained by having to use a newsletter to get to you all. This will also be important to us as we plan to implement a digitally-based survey to solicit your input for submission to TDC’s review of the Long Term Plan which is due for consultation around the end of the year. Thanks, see you soon, and please bring the sunshine with you!! Peter Britnell, Chairman OKRA