OKRA Chairman's Blog January 2021

Greetings from Omori/Kuratau This is my final blog and I would like to welcome Pieter Braun as out newly elected President of the Omori/Karatau Ratepayers Association. I am pleased to stay on as a committee member and I thank you all for your support in 2020. For my final blog I would like to share with you some of the interesting topics that I presented and were discussed at the recent Ratepayers AGM. 1. Rubbish bins have now been installed around the area after a successful trial and now are a permanent fixture. 2. Erosion Control. The project has been budgeted for by the TDC and resource consent obtained. The project is primarily designed to protect council infrastructure. The Tuwharetoa Trust Board is primarily concerned with lake integrity and quality and has not approved the project to date. 3. Traffic Management. TDC have installed an electronic speed sign near the Omori boat ramp which seems to have had a positive effect. In March a road cable will be deployed to provide data on traffic numbers and traffic speeds. 4. Fault line. Fault line notification on LIM reports on properties affected. The TDC website has the fault line map and associated 20m buffer zones each side of the fault line. After a local meeting on the issue, TDC have decided to go back to their legal team to review the need to inform LIM reports. Use the following link for more information and maps. https://www.taupodc.govt.nz/property-and-rates/fault-line.mapping 5. Subdivision D2-D3. We believe that the process for approval will now be publicly notifiable which is what the OKRA wanted because of the public interest in the development from ratepayers and others. 6. Rabbit Management. OKRA met with Chris Monk from the Waikato Regional Authority earlier in the year and he said that rabbit control is a landowners responsibility. WRA can only advise. OKRA surveyed ratepayers re the rabbit problem and multiple ideas emerged. 90% of those surveyed support the OKRA to take some form of action. 7. OKRA Newsletters. Future newsletters will move from paper to be electronicalyl available (i.e. posted on this website) The new committee has work to do on how this will work and who needs to be consulted in regard to the practicalities of implementing this move. For further discussion topics at the meeting, please read the full AGM report (pdf) on our home page. My best wishes and sincere thanks to you all for your interest and support in 2020. Regards, Peter Britnell, Previous Chairman, OKRA