OKRA Chairman's Blog December 2020

Greetings from Omori/Kuratau


The Omori Kuratau Ratepayers Association committee has been quite busy of late as we emerge from the early effects of the Covid-19 pandemic and things get slowly back to normal. Hopefully that means that we will see more of you here over the summer!


You will recall that we were expecting to see remedial work start on the erosion problem on Kuratau beach in mid 2020.  Planning for this was well advanced however this has not happened as the Tuwharetoa Maori - Trust Board have continuing concerns over the engineering plans. Remedial action at Omori beach is similarly affected. At this stage we do not know when this work might proceed.


The rubbish bin trial at the Omori slip and the entrance to the Kuratau River

mouth last summer was agreed to be very successful and TDC will therefore be

deploying the bins again over the summer holidays. It is worth noting that these

are NOT to be used as a substitute for the normal rubbish collection system and

any such use will jeopardize the continuing presence of the bins.


We have been in ongoing communication with TDC, mainly on operational

issues such as the need for additional signage related to the change in road

speed which happened a year ago. TDC will be deploying traffic measurement

equipment before, during and after the summer holiday period in order to give

us some real data on which to base any changes we think may be necessary.


The council will be reviewing its 10 year plan early next year and we expect to be provide input to this process. Accordingly, we have attached a brief survey seeking your ideas that we would like for our response to council. You will have also received this survey via email if we have your email address. Please get back to us! Early next year, we will also be reviewing the logistics of getting local news out to you via our website and/or email so please advise us of your email address.


Our best wishes to you all for Christmas and 2021, let us hope that it will be less disruptive than 2020!


Regards, Peter Britnell, Chairman OKRA