Caring for our Local Environment
Who We Are Kuratau Omori Preservation Society (KOPS) is dedicated to ensuring our local environment remains a special place for our children and future generations. We’re a voluntary group of residents and ratepayers passionate about nurturing and enhancing the environment in our beautiful lakeside area. We represent residents, families, and regular visitors to the Kuratau-Omori settlement. We work with the Omori Kuratau Ratepayers Association and the local pest management group (volunteers who maintain traplines in the bush to control predators like rats, stoats, feral cats, hedgehogs and possums). The KOPS AGM was held on the 4th January 2021 in the Community Hall and 30 people attended. The following were appointed to the new committee: Don Mathieson Chairman; Dave Huxley-Jones Secretary/Treasurer. 
Committee Members:Bryan Watts, Richard Marchant, Brian Eastham and Craig McGregor. Proposed D2 and D3 subdivision for 81 sections next to the Whiowhio Reserve. Download the pdf file (at right) that shows the subdivision. Please have a look at this and consider the impact it will have on Kuratau. TDC have decided to public notify the application once the $10,000 fee is paid by the applicant. In November, TDC stated the public notification was placed on hold and the applicant has to decide if they wish to amend the application so TDC may make a different decision. In January, we wrote to TDC asking what further action, if any, the Applicant has taken and we asked what time requirement had been placed on the Applicant within which it must advise its intention about proceeding or not. We asked if it is legal for the Applicant, faced with a decision to publicly notify, to sit back and do nothing, possibly indefinitely. TDC replied “that the Resource Management Act was amended last year to enable Councils to return an application" (essentially cancelling it) if there had been an extended period of inaction. However, this application was lodged before those provisions came into effect and therefore there is no current legal means it seems to cancel the application. Our position is therefore to not proceed to any further steps until payment is received as that is provided for in the Act”. TDC agrees “this is not ideal" and we hope the applicant will either pay for the next steps of the process or withdraw from the process until they are in a position to continue. Until such time as payment is received, nothing further is going to happen”. If the applicant changes the proposal (and with payment) it can be reconsidered at that time but until then you do have some certainty that nothing is happening. If pubic notification occurs, KOPS has had some discussion with a Planner to represent KOPS if a public notified hearing proceeds. KOPS believes that besides Planting, wider topics on the impact on Kuratau will be considerable if the development of 81 sections proceeds. Some of these impacts such as roading, traffic, boat ramp capacity, reduced bird life, impact on reserves etc. should be raised. We have updated OKRA on the current situation. We hope you will consider joining KOPS - the annual subscription is $10. Please email Dave Huxley-Jones Email: Planting There will be a community planting on Easter Sunday, 4 April from 10am. TDC have selected an area at south end of the Omori recreation reserve next to the depot and community hall. They will prepare the planned area and have ordered 1500 plants.We'll advertise with the usual signs and Facebook post but if you can attend it would be great and a membership form will be sent. Membership We will be more active if and as this application progresses and submissions need to be made. Our current membership fee is $10 per annum and is set at the AGM. 
 Dave Huxley Jones – Secretary/Treasurer, KOPS Email: thehjs@xtra.co.nz Telephone: 0277 333 633 Stay up to date with KOPS activities on facebook 
 Contact us at: thehjs@xtra.co.nz ﷯