Caring for our Local Environment

Who We Are

Kuratau Omori Preservation Society (KOPS) is dedicated to ensuring our local environment remains a special place for our children and future generations. We’re a voluntary group of residents and ratepayers passionate about nurturing and enhancing the environment in our beautiful lakeside area. We represent residents, families, and regular visitors to the Kuratau-Omori settlement. We work with the Omori Kuratau Ratepayers Association and the local pest management group (volunteers who maintain traplines in the bush to control predators like rats, stoats, feral cats, hedgehogs and possums).


Another Successful Planting Day

We had an Another successful planting day was held this Easter

at the Whiowhio Reserve and along the river track. We had a very

good turn out and some 2000 plants were placed in the ground.

The Taupo District Council supplied some wonderful plants this

year and although we are seeing evidence of some plant

destruction due to rabbits, overall the plants are surviving.


We were thrilled to see the number of families with children and

grand children joining in – future guardians of our environment.

A big thanks to all who came along, the McCreanor family for

spearheading the initiative and Greg Hadley and Andrew Moor

of Taupo District Council for the supply of plants. We are in

discussion with Taupo District Coucnil regarding further

community planting projects in and around Kuratau and

we will keep you posted.


Review of Mercury's Waikato Resource Consent

In July 2018 we wrote to Waikato Regional Council to formally request they initiate a s128 Review of the Mighty River Power (now Mercury) consents for hydro activity based on a body of evidence related to the adverse effects on the environment, particularly foreshore erosion, arising from the exercising of the consents. The Society has taken legal advice from a Queen’s Counsel and it is believed there are good grounds to request a review under s128 of the Resource Management Act, owing to the fact that erosion was an issue of concern at the time of granting the consent and that this environmental impact has not been mitigated.


The erosion of the lakeshore continues at an alarming rate at

various points around the Lake and has accelerated since the

resource consents were granted to MRP (Mercury). Limited

remedial measures have so far proved to have no or very little

permanent effect. No permanent solutions to rectify erosion have

been undertaken through Project Watershed, a funding

instrument set up to address lakeshore erosion.


While there are several contributory causes that both Council and

the Society acknowledge, a dominant cause of the erosion is the

level of water in the Lake over lengthy periods. There is evidence

of increasing lengthy periods where the water levels in the Lake

are unduly high compared to past statistics, even though the

absolute levels do not exceed the maximum in MRP (Mercury’s)

resource consents. As shown in KOPS presentation on 1 March

2017 to the Waikato Council Catchment.


Additional data and arguments were presented in our letter and

we await reply from Waikato Regional Council.

If there is anyone amongst our community who has a planning

and/or environmental management or legal background that would be willing to offer assistance, we would like to hear from you. Contact details below.


Submission to Taupo District Council – Long Term Financial Strategy

In April 2018 we made a submission to Taupo District Council on their long term financial stratey, as did the Omori Kuratau Ratepayers Association. We once again requested the provision of greater funding for erosion mitigation and that the budget for work be brought forward in the proposed budget.


Kuratau Omori Preservation Society Membership

The Society has an annual membership fee of $10 per person which is primarily used to assist with planting projects and our efforts to advocate on your behalf to local and regional Council.  The more nmembers we have backing the enviroment, the more effective we can be in advocating on your behalf and securing funding assistance from various chartities and organisations. Its not a lot but it all helps to make sure we continue to protect our environment for the future.


We have not undertaken a membership drive this year so we would greatly appreciate your support. Contact Dave Huxley-Jones our treasurer to become a member and/or make a donation ($5 and over is tax deductable). Email Dave at: for details on how to join or rejoin and pay your fee.


Committee Members

Nicky McCreanor and Janet Spilman – Co-chair

Dave Huxley-Jones – Treasurer

Committee members: Bryan Watts, Emily Webster, Jane Humble, Don Mathieson


Contact us via Janet at 0272401564 or or Nicky at 027 314 3045‬ or




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